Vivid Tapes, by its name and nature, is created out of a desire to honor electronic music’s disruptive and vital core. Our shared subculture is more than just one genre or an outlet for hedonism and all-black-everything. It’s about community and intimacy. Vivid Tapes hopes to build bridges where they seem unlikely – between genres and crowds.

Our aim is to foster unity and authenticity without limitations. Zooming out of a specific niche, soundwise we aspire to do things differently, incubating and connecting this spirit to the dancefloor. Through our shared passion for rhythm, we want to bring people together in times of uncertainty to celebrate mutual sonic experiences.

Beyond our partys, we are a group of club kids and friends sharing this sense of subversive principles and emancipatory ethos of electronic music. We want to leave a mark not only within ourselves, but also within our community.